Large Long Nose Elephant Gray Soft Plush Sleep Baby Pillow Toy

$22.99 $25.99
  • SIZE:30cm/ 40cm / 60cm
  • MATERIAL: PP cotton stuffed pillow perfect for baby and children.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION: Machine wash, delicate cycle. Do not bleach.
  • Perfect for cuddling; huggable size for toddlers;ring a smile to your children with this lovely companion.
  • Weight: 0.5-1kg

How to clean:

1. The warm into the poor
2. into the neutral detergent
3. into the water and gently rub the pillow
4. Remove the rinse carefully with warm water
5. with a towel to squeeze out the water
6. adjust pillo prototype
7. in the sun exposue
8. once again wool comb

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This is a great pillow!

This is a great pillow!! I was unsure if my son would like it, because although he loves elephants, he's not big on stuffed animals, or pillows. When he received this on his birthday, he was overjoyed, and now he sleeps with it in his bed every night. It's huge, and not super stuffed, so it's perfect for moving around, snuggling, etc... It appears to be very well made, and fun for both night time and play time.

Absolutely adorable-shapes back up quickly!

Purchased for my stuffed animal loving toddler. The elephant is super squishy and the legs are so soft and floppy, great companion for play time but most importantly nap time. It also has such an innocent and endearing expression on its face that really capture my toddler's heart, reminds me a little bit of Dumbo. Highly recommend it!

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