Buyer or Spreader? You Can Be Both! 

Great Earning Tool For All Partners ( Influencers/ Promoters)
For promoters:
We provide product datafeed, banners, speacial coupons, videos, daily deals and so on. 
Earn commision quikly: 
When someone places an order through the links you share, you will earn a commission of up to 12% of the order amount. There's no limit to how much commission you can earn. Our ATV is $45.
Join now:
Just follow simple steps below.

Step 1: Log into your ShareASale account and then, go to ‘Merchants’ -> ‘Search for Merchants.’

Step 2: Find Merchants ‘-> tychome (ID# 93638)
Step 3: Join our program, then you can promote our products via a tracking code.
Step 3: Which tracking lrink should I use?
ShareASale: Get A Link/Banner
ShareASale: Get HTML Code
ShareASale: Shortest Code
That link is your primary affiliate link!

Text Links

The “Default Text” link is always the primary link that goes straight to the home page or primary product of the affiliate website. (In our example case, my default Panstoria affiliate link goes to

You can choose any of the other text links to get the direct website address to a specific product or page on the affiliate website. (For example, clicking “Get HTML Code” next to “Historian Text Default” gives us my affiliate link  which takes us to

When using text links, you’ll always want the shortest code available–unless you’re embedding a link in an HTML email, blog post, or website page.

For more details, please check the website:

For influencers:
As long as you have a social account and are willing to share products to your community/ social platform, you are wanted as well. You can also apply for free products if your channels meet our needs. Please