Comfort Knotted Circle Braid Rug Yoga Mat Living Room Deocr


The Braid Rug is something special. We take our award-winning design material, and weave it into a circular shape using one of the simplest crochet stitches out there. That’s what makes handmade rug a standout — it’s chunky and incredibly soft, but thanks to its innovative material, it’s also easy to care for.
Where can you put this rug? Anywhere your floor is too cold for comfort. Next to your living room couch, on the patio, the bathroom or your dog’s favorite nap spot. With the addition of this rug, any space in your home will suddenly become so much more appealing.

It’s machine-washable, durable, and pet-friendly.

Material:Polyester/ cotton
Color: Solid
Style: Braid
Shape: Round
Size: 60*60cm 0.7 kg


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